Onion tomato chutney

Onion Tomato Chutney

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The accompaniment I used with the roasted veggie crisps was the onion tomato recipe I have here. You can serve this with idli/dosa/chapati or even rice, as also a dip with baby carrots/carrot sticks/cucumber sticks.

It’s a simple preparation but enjoyable. I have used just 1 mild dry red chili in the recipe given, however, you can use 2 of the same if you wish or even 1 spicy red chili if you prefer a very spicy chutney. Mine was mild. The crisps were spicy, hence the milder dip just to add flavor. While the veggies were roasting, there was enough time to get the accompaniment ready.

If you prefer just onion in the chutney, you can check out THE onion chutney recipe or red onion chutney.


onion – 1 chopped fine

tomato – 1/2 chopped fine

mild dry red chili – 1 (Kashmiri red chili) (use spicy dry red chili if you want it spicy)

oil – 2 tsp

mustard seeds – 1/2 tsp

yellow split peas – 1/2 tsp

dehusked split black gram – 1/4 tsp

salt to taste


onion tomato chutney


Onion tomato chutney

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Recipe type: Accompaniment

Cuisine: Indian


Prep time: 5 mins

Cook time: 20 mins

Total time: 25 mins

roasted onions and tomato in tempering, ground, brought back to the pan and re-cooked


  • onion – 1 chopped fine
  • tomato – ½ chopped fine
  • mild dry red chili – 1 (Kashmiri red chili)(use spicy dry red chili if you want it spicy)
  • oil – 2 tsp
  • mustard seeds – ½ tsp
  • yellow split peas – ½ tsp
  • dehusked split black gram – ¼ tsp
  • asafoetida – 1 pinch (hing) (avoid asafoetida if on a gluten-free diet)
  • salt to taste


  1. in a pan, heat up the oil
  2. splutter mustard seeds, add yellow split peas, dehusked blackgram, asafoetida, dry red chili, and stir briefly
  3. as soon as the lentils begin to turn golden brown, add the chopped onion and saute on med – med-high heat until they develop slight translucency and become slightly brown
  4. no need to cook the onions fully. add the chopped tomatoes and stir until they break down slightly. we are basically trying to roast them slightly
  5. switch off the heat and allow them to cool
  6. once cooled, blitz in the mixer grinder adding small amounts of water to form a paste
  7. in the same pan, add this paste and stir at medium heat
  8. cook until the raw smell from the onion goes away
  9. serve!


garlic can be used if you wish – add it to the tempering and roast.
use more red chili if you prefer it spicy.
if you want it to be more tangy, add tamarind paste while re-cooking it and cook.
chutneys can be prepared in many ways. With slight alterations you can easily end up with different recipes.
One can use this recipe as is or make alterations as per your taste and enjoy!

Born and raised in a family of foodies, Georgia’s passion for cuisine was nurtured from a young age as she learned the intricacies of flavor and texture from her grandmother’s kitchen. As an adult, this early fascination blossomed into a full-fledged love affair with the culinary world.

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