Beetroot strawberry brownies recipe: delicious and decadent!

Beetroot Strawberry Brownies Recipe: Delicious and Decadent!

Hey there! Have you ever considered adding a unique twist to your traditional brownies with dark chocolate? Try this delicious recipe for brownies with a vanilla glaze. Well, we’ve got just the recipe for you! Imagine indulging in rich chocolate, earthy beets, sweet fresh strawberries, and ice cream. Discover new recipes featuring these ingredients. It’s…

Vegan orange cranberry and almond polenta cake recipe

Vegan Orange Cranberry and Almond Polenta Cake Recipe

Are you looking for delicious vegan dessert recipes incorporating coconut yogurt, oats, and lemon? These recipes will satisfy your cravings while adhering to your dietary restrictions. Have you ever tried vegan recipes like a coconut yogurt and oats bowl with lemon zest? Get ready to treat your taste buds with a Vegan Orange Cranberry and…

Steamed lentil fenugreek baskets: chickpea salad

Steamed Lentil Fenugreek Baskets: Chickpea Salad

Are you looking to impress your guests with good recipes for a delicious and nutritious snack? Try steamed lentil Fenugreek! Trust me, these good recipes for cooked lentils will elevate your skills in the kitchen and leave everyone craving more delicious food with a hint of pepper. Imagine the perfect blend of textures and tastes…

Authentic vegan gluten free raw persimmon tart recipe

Authentic Vegan Gluten Free Raw Persimmon Tart Recipe

Hey there, fellow food lover! Have you ever heard of a vegan gluten free raw persimmon tart? This unique raw persimmon cheesecake, a dessert that’s not just tasty but also super healthy, incorporates pomegranate in its recipes, making fruit the star. This pomegranate cheesecake tart is raw vegan, meaning it’s made with fruit and other…

Paneer capsicum with indian cottage cheese

Paneer Capsicum With Indian Cottage Cheese

Peppers or capsicum add such a crunchy delightful peppery flavor to any dish. We used to enjoy capsicum rice and capsicum raita as children. My kids love these, too, now. Since hubby loves peppers, I began learning and experimenting with different recipes to include peppers. They often find their way into our salads, wraps, quesadillas, etc. Nearly every shopping…

Quinoa adai breakfast recipe: healthy, easy no rice dosa

Quinoa Adai Breakfast Recipe: Healthy, Easy No Rice Dosa

Have you ever considered mixing traditional Indian cuisine with a superfood twist, like quinoa adai dosa? Try it with accompaniments like coconut chutney, onion chutney, and a side of chana dal. Let’s explore the realm of chana dal and oats idli, a nutritious fusion of lentils and quinoa perfectly paired with coconut chutney. This innovative…

Best ever dharwad peda recipe (2023)

Best Ever Dharwad Peda Recipe (2023)

This post comes straight from the heart of foodies everywhere! Making homemade Dharwad Peda has long been the dream of those who have experienced its incredible sweetness first-hand. Dharwad Peda is a legendary, milk-based, sugar-coated dessert from Dharwad in North Karnataka with over 175 years of history and an intriguing backstory surrounding its creation. Shri…

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